Youth Internship Advertising Template

This is the standard print layout for Youth Internship advertising. Please follow this page as a guideline for the placement and relative proportions of each of the three required elements. (For electronic advertisements, please include information below with the exception of the logos.)

However, for any given application you must size the elements to fit the advertising space purchased. Accordingly, you will be required to download each item separately.

When you are using both the FedNor Leaf and the "Canada" Wordmark, please note that they should be of equal size width-wise.

Text in bold must be included in the advertisement.

Logo of
Name of Your Organization

Who is eligible? Unemployed or underemployed youth (under the age of 30) who have graduated with a degree or diploma from a post secondary institution within the last three years, are legally entitled to work in Canada, and have not been previously employed under a FedNor Youth Internship funding agreement , or other federal or provincial internship with pay for a period of six (6) months or more.
Candidates must have reliable transportation.

Salary: This full-time position is partially funded by FedNor's Northern Ontario Development Program.

Successful candidates will have knowledge ... {enumerate tasks}

Deadline for applications is ... {Time} {Date}

Please mail applications to: {Address of organization}



Note for electronic job bulletin boards: There is no requirement for logos but the phrase, "This full-time position is partially funded by FedNor's Northern Ontario Development Program" must be included. Note that if proponents post available positions on Service Canada's website, it will be translated free-of-charge and distributed across Canada.