Youth Internship Guidelines for Applicants

FedNor provides support for youth interns under the Northern Ontario Development Program (NODP) and the Economic Development Initiative (EDI). Please note that some criteria are different under each of the two programs.

Eligible Youth Internship Criteria

Young people being considered for a youth internship must:

Preference will be given to Northern Ontario youth. Participation of youth from employment equity groups is encouraged (Aboriginal, persons with disabilities, visible minorities and women).Footnote 1

Ineligible Youth Internship Activities

The following activities are ineligible for support:

Funding Conditions

Not-for-profit organizations:

* Normally, youth internships are for a 12-month period. On an exceptional basis where conditions warrant and activities being undertaken build economic development capacity, the internship period for small municipalities and First Nation communities may be up to 24 months to match project work plans.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):

Private Sector Applicants are not eligible to apply under the EDI.

Other Considerations

The following is required for all youth internship applications:

Please refer to the EDI Guidelines for further information about Youth Internships under the EDI.

Service Standards

FedNor is committed to providing quality service to all applicants and funding recipients in the official language of their choice.

Our goal is to:

How to Apply

Please call 1-877-333-6673 to discuss your proposal with a FedNor Officer in your area or begin your application process.

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