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Science North: Northern Ontario’s premiere tourist attraction turns 30
Long before Sudbury’s famous science centre moved off the drawing board and onto the picturesque shores of Ramsey Lake in downtown Sudbury, there was considerable apprehension that such a grand vision could be realized.


WipWare Inc: A North Bay company that “measures up” globally
“Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure”, is more than just a catchy marketing brand or corporate slogan. For an innovative software and systems technology company based in North Bay, Ontario, it is a plain-spoken and proven philosophy.


Gold and Natural Gas: building a pipeline to better business in Red Lake
The half dozen town sites that make up the Municipality of Red Lake have been built historically by mining high grade gold ore in this beautiful wilderness region of northwestern Ontario.


Charting a Course: Lake Huron’s North Channel is a boater’s paradise
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a DVD promoting marine tourism and the North Channel marine communities of Lake Huron has proven to be worth more than ten-fold.


Mining Opportunities: Northern Ontario on display at giant industry conference
Northern Ontario’s history as a leader in mining and mineral production goes far beyond the extraction of ore and precious metals from underground.


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