Achievements and priorities

Message from the Director General

In 2015-16, FedNor continued to work in close collaboration with stakeholders, our partners and all levels of government to grow and diversify Northern Ontario's economy.

Over the past year, FedNor launched the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150) in Northern Ontario. With an allocation of $10.4 million over two years, CIP 150 has been met with great enthusiasm by communities across the North. Established to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary, the program will leave a lasting legacy to communities in the region through the rehabilitation or improvement of existing community infrastructure and facilities.

FedNor has also been hard at work over the past 12 months supporting projects and initiatives through its core programming, including its flagship Northern Ontario Development Program (NODP), Community Futures Program and Economic Development Initiative. As part of the Government of Canada's Innovation Agenda, FedNor has been focusing its efforts on projects that promote innovation, new technology, and the growth of businesses that support a knowledge-based economy.

In 2016-17, FedNor will continue to closely align its programming with the federal government's Innovation Agenda. This includes a commitment to support clean technology initiatives, advance business innovation and technologies, and working in collaboration with a variety of partners to scale up high-impact Northern Ontario firms to increase their global competitiveness.

FedNor will also continue to work in close collaboration with Indigenous communities, the Province of Ontario and all partners on the Ring of Fire mining development. Improving the conditions in Indigenous communities across Canada is one of the federal government's foremost priorities, and the Ring of Fire project has the potential to improve the economic and social conditions in remote First Nations in the region for generations to come.

These are but a few examples of the efforts we will undertake in the coming year.

As always, extensive outreach and collaboration efforts with stakeholders and partners will allow us to remain responsive to the needs of Northern Ontario.

The past year has brought many successes and rest assured that in 2016-17, FedNor will continue to serve as your federal partner for Northern Ontario.

Aime J. Dimatteo

Results and Achievements 2015-16


During 2015-16, FedNor delivered significant results for people, communities and small and medium-sized businesses of Northern Ontario. By working in collaboration with partners from across the region, and all levels of government, FedNor supported a broad range of projects to promote growth and prosperity in the region.

In 2015-16:

FedNor achieved greater uptake of its programming through targeted initiatives specifically designed for the region such as the Community Investment Initiative for Northern Ontario and the Targeted Manufacturing Initiative for Northern Ontario.

In 2015-16, the organization also initiated the intake process for the national Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program in Northern Ontario. The Program helps celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary through the rehabilitation or improvement, including expansion, of existing community infrastructure assets and facilities.

In addition, FedNor continued to play a lead role in coordinating federal efforts related to the Ring of Fire mining development opportunity. Investments by key federal departments and agencies, including FedNor, totalled more than $13.2 million in support of 17 projects aimed at building a solid foundation to help generate new economic opportunities.

Northern Ontario Development Program

In 2015-16, through the Northern Ontario Development Program (NODP), FedNor continued to make investments in three priority areas:

During this time, FedNor focussed on projects that helped build and nurture an innovation ecosystem closely aligned with the Government of Canada's Innovation Agenda, supporting business acceleration and growth.

For example, FedNor supported projects that:

Through the NODP, FedNor also continued support for key initiatives such as:

Performance Measurement

An evaluation of the NODP, completed in May 2016, found that the Program continues to be relevant, performs well and delivers results for Northern Ontario communities and businesses. Implementation of recommendations from past evaluations resulted in a refocused program that demonstrates strong measurable outcomes. Improved performance measurement and administrative procedures resulted in enhanced oversight of program priorities through the implementation of a two-phased application process, published service standards, and improved project analysis and data integrity procedures. FedNor will continue to support the Government of Canada's Innovation Agenda, while intensifying efforts to track and report on the medium-term outcomes of the NODP.

Community Futures Program

Through the Community Futures Program, the Department engaged the Northern Ontario's 24 Community Futures Development Corporations (CFDCs) to foster economic stability, growth and job creation, help create diversified and competitive local rural economies and build economically sustainable communities in the region.

In 2015-16, Northern Ontario CFDCs:

As a result of this lending activity:

FedNor also implemented the Community Futures Youth Internship Program to extend placement of qualified youth in private sector companies.

An audit on the Community Futures Program was completed in 2014-15 with favourable results with respect to governance, risk management and control processes. Implementation of recommendations that occurred in 2015-16 has resulted in enhanced oversight of program priorities through the implementation of a bi-annual update. FedNor has also strengthened its risk management process by launching a new risk assessment tool and guidelines.

FedNor continued to engage Community Futures Organizations, including Community Futures Development Corporations, their regional networks and provincial association, through various activities including outreach/liaison, capacity building, program and policy development, referrals, compliance monitoring in regard to contribution agreements, and other collaborative activities.

Economic Development Initiative

In 2015-16, FedNor invested $1.1 million in 15 projects completed through the Economic Development Initiative (EDI), which resulted in the creation or maintenance of 55 jobs. For every FedNor dollar invested through EDI during 2015-16, $0.73 was leveraged from other sources.

Outreach and Collaboration

FedNor continued its outreach and collaboration efforts, engaging key stakeholders, community and business leaders, as well as federal, provincial and other partners to promote the advancement of key files. These efforts include:


In 2015-16, FedNor undertook the renewal and transformation of business processes through cost reduction and efficiency improvement initiatives such as:

Social Media

In 2015-16, FedNor expanded upon the use of social media for marketing FedNor and its programs to the public and stakeholders, including through the use of Twitter.

FedNor Priorities 2016-17

FedNor will continue to administer programs to support economic and community development in Northern Ontario. More specifically:

For the Northern Ontario Development Program (NODP), FedNor will:

For the Community Futures Program (CFP), FedNor will:

For the Economic Development Initiative (EDI), supported through the Government of Canada's Roadmap for Canada's Official Languages (2013-2018): Education, Immigration, Communities, FedNor will:

For the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program (CIP 150), FedNor will:

For the Ring of Fire, FedNor will:

FedNor will continue a high level of collaboration with federal, provincial and other key partners to:

As corporate initiatives, FedNor will:

As communications initiatives, FedNor will:

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