Copyright guidelines

Copyright at IC

Industry Canada complies with the Copyright Act to ensure that the ownership rights associated with publications are fully respected.

Communications and Marketing Branch manages copyright requests on behalf of Industry Canada.

For specific copyright issues you may consult with Industry Canada's Legal Services.

Content Ownership

The Crown owns the copyright of any work published at Industry Canada, subject to any agreement to the contrary.

If you are producing a publication for which the Crown does not own the copyright, the copyright should be attributed to the author or other owner on the copyright page of your publication.

If you want to reproduce someone else's copyrighted text in a publication, you must first ensure that there are no restrictions, then clearly mention the ownership of the copyright in your publication.

Photos and images are also copyright-protected. Keep in mind:

  • Unless the Crown requests to retain copyright for a commissioned portfolio of stock photographs, you will have to ask permission—and pay the photographer or artist—every time you use the photos or images.
  • You have to pay royalties on photos or images used from any bank unless they are "royalty-free". The cost will depend on the nature of your final product, the number of copies and the distribution.
  • If copyrighted archival photos or images appear in a document that you are reprinting, you must again obtain permission to use the copyrighted material.
  • Prior to using someone's picture in a communications product, you must obtain his or her consent via a Release agreement or waiver of photography form, because someone's likeness can be considered personal information.

Crown Copyright Clearance and Licensing Process

Here are the steps to follow for third party organisations wishing to reproduce Industry Canada material in its publication(s).