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Prosperity and Growth Strategy for Northern Ontario

A plan for economic development, inclusiveness and success

Priorities for Northern Ontario:

III – Building Stronger Communities


Help communities better respond to opportunities and challenges


Municipalities and Indigenous Communities:

Invest in building the economic development capacity of municipalities and Indigenous communities to attract new business investment, create jobs and contribute to the growth of the economy. Investments are proposed in the following areas:

  • Continue collaboration with Indigenous Services Canada and the Province to support comprehensive community planning in Indigenous communities
  • Continue working with stakeholders, including Community Futures Development Corporations to plan and leverage resources to increase business opportunities and job creation
  • Invest in community infrastructure to attract businesses and create employment
  • Support the development of new businesses and employment opportunities related to regional infrastructure

Talent Attraction and Retention:

Develop a Talent Attraction and Retention Strategy which will promote a positive image of Northern Ontario and its unique lifestyle advantages and act as a long-term approach to addressing current and future human resource challenges in the region:

  • Continue to invest in training development activities and provide support for targeted local training opportunities
  • Work in collaboration with all levels of government to attract skilled and highly qualified newcomers
  • Develop an initiative in partnership with post-secondary institutions aimed at facilitating international students integration into Northern Ontario
  • Assist communities to build their capacity to facilitate newcomer integration and retention, including French-speaking and bilingual newcomers
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